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Rare separately published map of Algeria by A.H. Dufour, on the eve of the intensification of Algerian resistance to French Colonial Rule in the late 1840s. 

The map stretches from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Tunisia border and inland to a region called Sahara Algeria.  The topographical detail and attention to the roads in the interior is quite remarkable.

A table locates the places served on the map by steamship and a note from Dufour describing more detailed regional maps which he produced.

The present map is an enlarged version of the map held by the Bibliotheque National de France, with an additional sheet added in the west, unlike any other example we could locate.

The BNF example is illustrated here:

The French began their occupation of Algiers in 1830, starting with a landing in Algiers. As occupation turned into colonization, Kabylie remained the only region independent of the French government. Pressure on the region increased, and the will of her people to resist and defend Kabylie increased as well.

A turning point in Lalla Fadma's life was the arrival in Kabylie, in about 1849, of a mysterious man who presented himself as Mohamed ben Abdallah (the name of the Prophet), but who is more commonly known as Bou Baghla. He was probably an ex-lieutenant in the army of Emir Abdelkader, defeated for the last time by the French in 1847. Bou Baghla refused to surrender at that battle, and retreated to Kabylie. From there he began a war against the French armies and their allies, often employing guerrilla tactics. 

Condition Description
Dissected and laid on linen, with original slip case.