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Interesting "Streams of Time" pictorial map, first the historian and pedagogue Friedrich Strass.

Strass taught for many years at the monastery Berge near Magdeburg. His Stream of Times map was widely disseminated, receiving acclaim well beyond Austria and inspiring other European timeline makers.  A revised edition in 1813, extended the history to the Paris Peace.

The presentexample was issued by librarian Emmerich Thomas Hohler (1781-1846), who worked as an educator in the house of Jost Fst Schwarzenberg from 1809-25 and "also published school editions of Latin classics" within the scope of a versatile literary activity.  

The title translates as follows:

Latest Streams of Time or Pictorial Representation of World History from the Oldest Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century By Friedrich Strass Prf. Of History at Kon. Cadete continued until the year 1816 by E. Th. Hohler Wien at the Geistinger 1817