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Vintage reproduction of part of W.B. Clark's lithographed view of Louisville that he prepared for the first Southern Exposition in 1883, published by F.M & C.B. Maps, Louisville, Kentucky.

The print reproduces the southern half of the original birds-eye view and replaces the insets at the upper left and right.

The Southern Exposition was a five-year series of world's fairs held in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, from 1883 to 1887 in what is now Louisville's Old Louisville neighborhood. The exposition, held for 100 days each year on 45 acres (180,000 m2) immediately south of Central Park, which is now the St. James-Belgravia Historic District, was essentially an industrial and mercantile show. At the time, the exposition was larger than any previous American exhibition with the exception of the Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia in 1876.U.S. President Chester A. Arthur opened the first annual exposition on August 1, 1883.