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Rare edition of Morden's separate-issue map of the British Isles, first issued 1678.

The title cartouche in the upper left corner is surmounted by the royal cost of arms and two ships sit beneath. Rodney Shirley describes the map as 'both striking and important'. The map includes updated cartography for Ireland, based on the wall map of 1674 by Morden & Greene, the roads of England and Wales from Ogilby, and several roads in Scotland.

The North Sea is filled with a genealogical table, originally running from William the Conqueror to Charles II, but this example extended to James II and his daughters, later Queen Mary II and Queen Anne.

Condition Description
Old color. Evidence of an old fold split at the lower centerfold.
Robert Morden Biography

Robert Morden (d. 1703) was a British map and globe maker. Little is known about his early life, although he was most likely apprenticed to Joseph Moxon. By 1671, Morden was working from the sign of the Atlas on Cornhill, the same address out of which Moxon had previously worked. Most famous for his English county maps, his geography texts, and his wall maps, Modern entered into many partnerships during his career, usually to finance larger publishing projects.

Philip Lea Biography

Philip Lea (fl. 1683-1700) was a central figure in the London map community at the end of the eighteenth century. He apprenticed under Robert Morden, with whom he later collaborated. Lea was made free of the Weavers Company in 1689. He was a publisher and a globe and instrument seller with ties to members of government. For example, Samuel Pepys lists him as his map advisor and colorist. He was not known primarily for his own original works, but for his reworking and reissuing of the work of others, particularly the county maps and world map of Christopher Saxton. He also acquired plates from John Seller, John Ogilby, and William Morgan, among others. Later in his career, he collaborated frequently with Herman Moll. After his death in 1700, Philip’s wife, Anne, carried on the business for several decades.