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Utopia -- The Slothful Variety

Despite the name, the map is note a reflection of St. Thomas More's ideal society.

Schlarraffenland is the German Fool's Paradise, a land of vice and debauchery. The map follows the theme of Hans Sachs Der Meistersinger Von Nurnberg with a detailed and realistic-looking map of this idle and luxurious world.

Divided into 19 regions with such names as the Kingdom of Extravagance, Empire of Fat Stomachs, Land of Indolence and Land of Gluttony, the map illustrates man's primary vices. 

To the north is the Terra Sancta Incognita (Unknown Land of Religion) where Jerusalem is shown shining from a mountaintop.

The large title cartouche is decorated by figures representing gambling, drunkenness, lust and extravagance. 

Schlarraffenland is the German equivalent of the Land of Cockaigne, the imaginary land of idleness and luxury (famously depicted by Breughel in his painting of 1567).