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Stock# 61702

Decorative double hemisphere map of the World, published by TC Lotter in Augsburg.

The map shows an number of early conjectural coastlines, including an incomplete coastline for Australia and New Guinea, New Zealand, the Northwest Coast of America, Northeast Coast of Asia and some interesting conjectural coastal outlines in the polar regions. The Sargasso Sea is also shown very prominently. Several apocryphal contacts with Antarctica are also shown, although Lotter does not attempt to tie these possible discoveries to the unknown southern continent.

The map is perhaps most noteworthy for the many early routes of exploration shown, including the routes of:

  • Magellan: 1520
  • Gaetani: 1542
  • Mendana & Gallego: 1568
  • Le Maire: 1570
  • Mendana & Quria 1595
  • Noord: 1600
  • Schouten: 1616
  • Tasman: 1642
  • Dampier: 1686

The map is scarce on the market.  This is our second example in more than 20 years.