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Rare image of the Fort/Citadel of Goletta at the time of the Turkish Siege of Tunis in 1574.

In the autumn of 1573, thanks to the undertaking of King John of of Austria, Spain was able to reconquer Tunis, from Ottoman control.

In the summer of 1574, the Ottoman Empire rebuilt its fleet and organized a powerful expedition under the command of Ululg’Ali. In Tunis, during the brief Spanish rule, a sort of protectorate had been established for which, alongside the prince Hafsida, to whom the government of the Moors was left, was appointed the Milanese Gabrio Servelloni. During this government, the construction of a citadel was commissioned, to be located between the bay and the city of Tunis, contrary to the suggestions of Philip II, who suggested the dismantling of all fortresses. 

The engraving depicts the Bay of Tunis during the siege by the Turks in July 1574 at the Goletta citadel. The Turkish expedition, supported by forces Maghreb Muslims, would permanently eliminate the Spanish presence in Tunisia. 


Bifolco locates 5 examples in European Libraries.

Cf. Bifolco-Ronca (2018) #154