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Antique Map of America Illustrating Cook's Discoveries

Nice example of Cassini's map of America, showing the tracks of Captain James Cook through the South Pacific, Hawaii, New Zealand and the Northwest Coast of America during his three voyages between 1668 to 1778.

A note at the bottom describes Cook's discovery of the passage between the islands of New Zealand.  To the right, below Terra Magellanica, the mythical land reportedly seen by Drake during his passage to the Pacific is shown.

The map appeared in Cassini's Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale.

An unusual feature of the map is a massive Lake "Moozemlek," a name which began appearing on maps nearly 100 years earlier as the Country of the Moozemlek on maps by Homann and others.  This reference dates to La Hontan's letter from Michilimackinac dated May 28, 1689, where he describes his travels of the "Long River."  La Hontan notes that while camplng  with the Gnacsitare Indians on the Long River, he met four Moozemlek Indians, held as slaves, who related to him details of their lands.  The location of the Pais de Moozemlek would endure in the region for more than 100 years.

Condition Description
Minor soiling.