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Nice example of Reinecke's map of the Western Pacific Ocean, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.

Neu Holland vormals Ulimaroa is named, along with an New South Wales. The coastline of Australia is incomplete. New Zealand is shown as two islands.  Hawaii is shown.

Reinecke's General Charte von Australien was republished five times between 1801 and 1820, (although Tooley notes only four) and with each edition the latest information was added with new place names appearing and unknown sections of the coast filled in. 

Iohann Matthias Christoph Reinecke Biography

Johann Christoph Matthias Reinecke (1768-1818) was a German scientist. He worked in a variety of fields, most notably cartography and paleontology. A true polymath, he spoke eight languages and also wrote poems and songs. He produced a variety of maps in his career, including a series for the Geographical Institute in Weimar.