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Separately Published Sea Chart of Jamaica By Gerard Hulst Van Keulen

A rare separately published sea chart of Jamaica issued by Gerard Hulst Van Keulen.

As noted in Appendix 5 of The Van Keulen Cartography (entry 188), the chart was separately published between 1779  and 1785.

Van Keulen's chart shows soundings along the south coast, particularly to the west of Kingston. While there is little inland detail, the coast is finely delineated. Kingston appears with one of its buildings illustrated in profile. 

The map is a dramatic improvement over the manuscript chart of Jamaica by Gerard Van Keulen illustrated in Catalog of Van Keulen Manuscript charts, c. 1704-1749, in The Van Keulen Cartography (Map 390 -- p 494).


The map is extremely rare on the market.  We note a what appears to be a single loose example in the collection of the University of Utrecht collection (listed on OCLC) and a single example at the University of Leiden in a multi-volume atlas dated 1785.

See The Van Keulen Cartography 530; 531.1; and 531.2.