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Sailing Through The Strait of Magellan During A Van Spilbergen's Circumnavigation (1614-1617)

Striking dark impression of De Renneville's edition of the Joris van Spilbergen map of the Straits of Magellan.

The map includes a remarkable topographical treatment of the Strait, along with fanciful flora, fauna and indigenous village huts.  The map shows 5 ships (and 2 longboats) in various parts of the Strait, a representation of the 5 ships commanded by Van Spilbergen on his expedition.

Compass Rose and decorative cartouche,

Joris van Spilbergen was a Dutch naval officer.  In 1614, he sailed beyond the Strait of Magellan with an expedition of five ships and raided the Spanish settlements on the coast of Mexico and South America. He fought the Spanish at Callao, Acapulco and Navided. On October 26, he captured the pearl fishing ship San Francisco at Zacatula. He then sailed across the Pacific Ocean to the Mariana Islands, the Philippine Islands and eventually to Ternate in the Maluku Islands in March 1616.

Van Spilbergen would ultimately circumnavigate the globe, returning to the Dutch Republic in 1617.