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A Detailed French Study of the Roads in Southern Vietnam

Finely manuscript map of part of Southern Vietnam, drawn by an unknown French source.

The map focuses on the various roads throughout the region, all of which include distances in Kilometers at 10 Kilometer intervals.

Detailed manuscript map of Cochinchine from the Mekong to the region around Tuy Hòa in south central Vietnam. The section of Cambodia, as far over as the Mekong, is also shown but in less detail. 

The map shows a railroad extending from Phan-Rang to Saigon.

The map legend identifies three types of roads

  • Colonial Roads
  • Local Roads
  • Provincial Roads

The roads are divided into three types of roads:

  • Stone Roads
  • Dirt Roads
  • Projected Roads

The map dates from the pre-World War II period.

Condition Description
Hand drawn map. Minor loss at folds.