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Scarce regional map of the Lyon, Forest, Beaujolais and Macon region, oriented with south at the top.

This is a rare variant edition of Jean Le Clerc's map of 1619, with the scale of miles revised, the Le Clerc credit removed and other changes.

The map shows the Rhone River and Saone River at the bottom (east) side of the map, with the towns of Lyon and Macon.

The Loire River runs across the center of the map, from Bourbon-Lancy in the north to Rohanne (Roanne) in the center of the map and St. Etienne and S. Rambert further south.

Jean Le Clerc Biography
Jean Le Clerc

Jean Le Clerc was an engraver, bookseller and publisher in Paris and Tours. Le Clerc may have worked with Maurice Bouguereau in the production of the Theatre Francois in 1594, as he subsequently used the plates to republish the Atlas in 1620 under the title Theatre Geographique du Royaume de France. In addition to the maps of France, the atlas included a World Map, originally engraved by Jodocus Hondius in 1608 copied from Mercator's twin hemisphere map of 1595. He also issued in 1602 maps of Africa, America, Asia and Europe, engraved by Jodocus Hondius. The map of America, which is dated 1589, but unknown in any editions earlier than the one issued by Le Clerc in 1602, is a map of considerable rarity, which some believe may pre-date Ortelius’ Maris Pacifici as the first printed map to focus on the Pacific Ocean.