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With Extensive Contemporary Manuscript Notes

Interesting map of the Great Lakes region, extending west to the Upper Mississippi Valley and Lake Missisagan or Buade and to James Bay, showing the region at the start of the French & Indian War.

Many Indian Tribes named and some early French forts in Illinois and Indiana, indlucing Ft. Sakis, St Francis Xavier Fort, Fort of the Miamis, St Ionace Fort, Fort Pontchetrain, Ft St . Joseph, Ft. Sandoski, le Rocher Fort, and others. While the map was published in London, its source is an amalgam of French and English data, most notably Bellin's map of the Great Lakes and Mitchell's map of North America.

The following is a list of the annotations:

  • an X has been added to show the location of Michilimakinac ?? a French Fort WEt of Maniloualin Isle
  • Ft. St. Charles added (below Lake of the Woods)
  • Ft. St. Pierre added (below L. Tecamaniouen)
  • L. Tecamaniouen is shown as "or Rayn"
  • Isle Royale in Lake Superior "or Minong L."
  • L. Missisagan or Buade "or Red"
  • British Limites by Treaty of 1763 shown running along Mississippi River.
  • Ft. Lullier "or L'Hullier"
  • "Lead Mines" are shown on "Quicapous R."
  • "Lone Point" is shown on the north shore of Lake Erie
  • "Long Point" is shown near Green Bay, west of Lake Michgan.
  • "Maningona or" Moinggona R.
  • "Mohawk R." added
  • "Torronto R" added
  • Area of "Quebec Government" added.
  • "R of the Little Nation" added
  • Lake Niisin"ing or Nipissim" added
  • Nodway R. "or Nodaway R" added
  • Lake S. Peters added

The annotations would suggest that someone was studying and improving the contents of the map in connection with the regional history at the time of the French & Indian War, suggesting that the annotations were added shortly after the printing of the map.

Condition Description
Several thin spots have been backed for support