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Detailed French chart of the entrance to Hội An, in Vietnam.

Hội An has an interesting history related to foreign attempts to establish trade in Vietnam. In 1535, the Portuguese explorer and sea captain António de Faria attempted to establish a base there. In the 18th century, Hội An was considered by Chinese and Japanese merchants to be the best destination for trading in all of Southeast Asia. Portuguese Jesuits also had one of their early Asian establishments in Hội An.

With the triumph of Emperor Gia Long, the French were awarded exclusive trading rights in the area, in repayment for their assistance in his struggle. The French focused on Đà Nẵng as the main trading post in the area, and Hội An largely fell by the side. Still, in this map the area is closely guarded with forts and batteries protecting each side of the river.

The map includes three coastal profiles and covers the archipelago situated just off the coast.

Condition Description
Minor staining at top edge, barely affecting the image.