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Second state of this early map of Wisconsin and Iowa from Greenleaf's scarce New Universal Atlas. One of the earliest obtainable maps to show Wisconsin (pre-dating its statehood) and Iowa.

This map stretches from the Great Lakes across the Plains with little detail outside of southern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa where a few counties are separated by color. In southern Wisconsin some roads are included, along with early towns. Many rivers and streams are shown and named on the map.

In this state (first issued ca 1844), Wisconsin and Iowa are differentiated for the first time with a defined border along the Mississippi River. Prior states did not identify the boundary between the two Territories. The following are the primary changes from the prior state of the map:

  • Meuse River appears west of Pembina Lake.
  • A boundary running through Red Lake at the 96th Parallel appears, separating Wisconsin from Iowa in the north, with the rest of the boundary tracking the Mississippi River.
  • Itaska Lake and the Headwaters of the Mississippi are named
  • The Pottawatomies and Sacs & Foxes lands are added in southern Iowa for the first time.
  • The Iowas lands are moved to the north
  • The Winnebagos lands are named for the first time.
  • Jefferson, Washington and Buchanan Counties are added.
  • Kokuck and Benton Counties (unsurveyed) are added.
  • The spelling of Marquette County is corrected (previously Marquetta).
  • Grand Portage is shown west of Ft. Charlotte and the Wisconsin-Canada Border is more accurately defined
  • Winnebago Lake is named.

This state of the map is quite scarce on the market, this being the first example we have seen in 20 years.