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1820 circa Sidney Morse

Very early coast to coast map of the United States, engraved in New Haven, Connecticut by Alfred Daggett, exhibiting the fullfillment of Thomas Jefferson's image of American Manifest Destiny.

Issued shortly after the Adams Onis Treaty of 1819 and the admission of Missouri as a state in 1820, with the boundary of the newly minted state of Missouri shown in a highly inaccurate fashion. The remainder of the Louisiana Purchase is identified as "Missouri Territory."

The mythical River Buenaventura, extending from San Francisco to Lake Timpanagos is explained as the probable route of a water course "between the Atlantic and the Pacific."

A note indicating " Tract A. Ceded by the Piankeshaws 1805" appears above the title, referencing the !805 Treaty with the Piankeshaw Indians, wherein the Piankeshaw relinquished and ceded to the United States the country between the Ohio River and the Wabash River, south of Clark's Grant; and the Vincennes tract, which was ceded by the treaty of Fort Wayne.

A fine early image exhibiting America's Manifest Destiny.