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Rare and fascinating world map, showing the sugar producing regions of the World.

Dr. Eduard Stolle was a chemist and writer of art and science. Stolle wrote a number of works on sugar beet farming and processing. Alexander von Humboldt wrote a number of letters to Stolle between 1841 and 1853.

The map is color coded to show the following types of Sugar:

  • Yellow: Maple Sugar
  • Green: Cane Sugar
  • Pink: Beet Root Sugar
  • Brown: Palmyra Sugar

Dr. Eduard Stolle created the very rare 4 map atlas, entitled Eduard Stolle's Industrie-Atlas :Enthaltend: I. Uebersichtskarte der Zuckerproduction der ganzen Erde. 2. Aufl. II. Uebersichtskarte der Rübenzucker-Industrie. 3. Aufl. III. Uebersichtskarte der Eisenproduction der ganzen Erde. IV. Uebersichtskarte des Wein- u. Tabacksbaues d. ganz. Erde. The present map is one of the four sheets. We find no record of the atlas ever appearing at auction and this is the first time we have ever seen sheet from the atlas.

OCLC locates 2 examples of the atlas in German institutional collections.

Jeremy Norman, CATALOGUE 49, Rare Books, Manuscripts & Autographs in Science & Medicine, Item 25, 6 letters from Humboldt to Stolle.