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Stock# 37533

Martin Waldseemuller's important early map of Persia, Armenia and the region between the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf.

Wood block map of Persia from Martin Waldseemüller's 1513 edition of Ptolemy, a landmark work that contributed to major advances in both Renaissance geography and map printing. Published by Johann Schott in Strassburg.

This work was based on the manuscript maps of Sanuto and Vesconte of c.1320, which were updated by Nicholaus Germanus in 1482 to include more cities and textual information.

The first modern atlas, prepared by Martin Waldseemuller using the translation of Mathias Ringmann. This is one of the most important editions of Ptolemy, containing many new regional maps. Twenty new maps based on contemporary knowledge were included by Waldseemuller, in addition to the traditional twenty-seven Ptolemaic maps derived from the 1482 Ulm edition.

Martin Waldseemuller and his associate Mathias Ringmann, prepared this edition of Ptolemy, partly at the expense of Duke Rene of Lorraine. It was brought to completion by Jacobus Eszler and Georgius Ubelin. The atlas contains the first map in an atlas entirely devoted to America (Tabula terre nove), often called the "Admiral's map" after Columbus. The map of Lotharingia (the first map of the Duchy of Lorrain), printed in black, red and olive, is one the earliest examples of color-printing. This edition was reprinted in 1520 using the same woodcut blocks.

Condition Description
Trimmed at the right and top, with loss of image, but no real loss within the printed map.