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Fine promotional map of Uruguay and environs, apparently published to promote an English company calling itself the River Uruguay Land Company.

The map provides a marvelously detailed large format treatment of Uruguay and its neighboring regions, including Railroads, Roads, towns, mountains, rivers, etc. The company's lands are shown in the center of the map.

The map begins with a marvelous Translation of a Notice taken from a Map published in 1815, which begins:

The Province of the Missiones ??? to its delightful climate, its admirable situation and to the inexhaustible fertility of its soil the name of Italy of south America-- Through the immense resources it possesses this province was chosen by the Reverend Jesuit Fathers amongst the richest countiers of South America as the seat and centre of their celebrated settlements and without any other help than the labor of the natives, they accumulated in this Province so many richest that a whole century of ravage and destruction since their expulsion has not suffered to wipe away all traces of the Gold which they displayed even on the roofs of their dwellings . . .

The River Uruguay Land Company was apparently formed circa 1874 in London. We can find no real information on the company or its history. The map is unrecorded.

Condition Description
Dissected and laid on linen.