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The scarce third state of Van Keulen's map of the Gulf Coast, regarded as one of the landmark coastal charts of Texas and the Gulf Coast, extending to just east of Pensacola Bay. The Van Keulen family followed the Blaeu family as the official sea chart makers of the Dutch East Indies Company. There charts are of paramount importance in the development of Marine Cartography. The fourth book of the Zee-fakkel, dedicated to the Americas, is one of most important of all American cartographic works, substantially updating and improving all then existing compilations on the coast of the Americas. Martin & Martin notes that the Van Keulen chart of the Gulf Coast represented the most sophisticated rendering of the Gulf Coast to date. The map shows dozens of place names along the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama and Florida, alont with detailed soundings. Fortifications are shown at Pensacola, F. Anconbazo, Pascagoula, Fort Bilocci (Biloxi), Mexicano (near Cap Delnarte)and several places near the mouth of the Mississippi River, along with Matos de Salvador. Several compass roses, rhumblines, ships at sea and other decorative features. Minor repairs in the upper margin, two of which just enter into the neatline, else a good example of this cornerstone map of the Texas and Gulf Coast regions. Martin & Martin #11.