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Interesting map of the area around Solana Beach, including Solana Beach Vista,Eden Gardens, Marine View Gardens, Lockwood Mesa Reservoir and the undeveloped areas to the east and north, centered on Lomas Santa Fe Drive.

The map is reportedly from the papers of Sidney Woodruff, a major developer in Los Angeles County. In 1923, Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler and General M.H. Sherman, Director of the Pacific Electric Railway Company, created a major real estate group to develop what is known today as the Hollywood Hills. Sidney H. Woodruff,a prominent Los Angeles homebuilder, was hired to lead the project, which would ultimately include the erection of the famous Hollywood sign as a means of promoting the development.

Condition Description
Trimmed at to and right, but without loss to the relevant sections of the map. Includes manuscript annotations and coloring in an early hand.