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Scarce map of the British Colonies, extending west to include much of Texas and the lower Missouri River. The colonies are shown immediately after the conclusion of the French & Indian War, with Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia extending to the Mississippi River, but not Pennsylvania. The Province of East Florida and the Province of West Florida are shown. West of the Misssisippi River, the Country Full of Mines is shown south of the Missouri River and Parts Undisclosed north of the known extent of the Missisissippi. Many early Forts and Indian Tribal regions are noted. The R & Port Chicagou appears, as does Quadoghe at the southern point of the Lake Michigan. This is an unrecorded example, which does not include a printer's attribution below the neatline, unlike the editions noted in McCorkle (766.1). Nice wide margins, with an old tape stain, far from the printed surface.