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Thomas Jefferson's rare and important map of the Mid Atlantic region was engraved from a manuscript draft drawn by Jefferson in 1786, while serving as a United States Minister in Paris. The map was prepared to accompany his Notes on the State of Virginia. Much of the information in the map derives from the most important regional maps of the period, including his father Joshua Fry's map of Virginia and William Scull's map of Pennsylvania. Another significant source for the western part of the map is Thomas Hutchin's seminal map of the western parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina, published in 1778. However, Jefferson has supplemented Hutchin's work in several notable respects, including the addition of three proposed but as yet unnamed states Northwest of the Ohio River. In addition, Jefferson notes the new western settlements of Kentucky and Frankland, the latter representing the earliest obtainable reference to the attempt by settlers in western Carolina to establish and seek recognition for the State of Franklin or Franklinia (including the appointment of John Sevier as Governor in 1784). It is likely that this map is the source of all other references to Frankland and Franklinia to appear on maps, as there are no other maps published in America which include this ephemeral name for this region. Jefferson apparently intended to add county names, but was unable to procure a copy of John Henry's scarce map of Virginia. Jefferson arranged with Samuel J. Neele in September 1786 to have the map engraved, but the final version of the map does not include Neele's name. A rare and important map of the region and the only printed map attributed to Thomas Jefferson. The present example has been archivally flattened and backed with Japan paper, but is a strong fresh example, with a trace of color in a few spots. This is best example of the map that we have seen on the market.