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A fascinating late 18th Century reissue by the French firm of J.B. Nolin of the 1787 Clouet, revised to include the later voyages of Captain Cook.

Gone is the Bay of the West, although the NW Coast still hints at some sort of inland sea. The newly formed US is noted and shown to include Florida, with a huge Louisiana Territory. An enormous Paraguay dominates southern South America. The routes of Cook and many other discoverers are shown in the Atlantic and Pacific. A slightly more up-to-date inset map focuses on northern North America and the explorations of Cook, Clark and the Russians. In this map, a strait exists between Siberia and North America, Greenland is part of the mainland, and the existence of the United States is recognized.

The highly decorative title cartouche is also a throwback, featuring America riding a particularly fierce alligator and gazing upon a cornucopia.