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Attractive original 1895 poster with a dynamic composition and a striking use of color, typical of the Belle Époque era. At the top, in bold, angular lettering is the word "BULLIER," which stands out against the vibrant red background. Below, a female dancer is the central figure, captured mid-twirl. Her dress is black with white ruffles decorated with yellow touches, and she wears a white fur boa around her neck. Her hair is styled with a white accessory, adding to her flamboyant appearance.

The dancer's movement is accentuated by the flow of her dress and the positioning of her arms and legs. A man in a gray suit and hat gazes at her admiringly from the left side of the poster, his posture relaxed and one foot kicked up behind him, suggesting he is engaged in or enjoying the dance.

Below the figures, in large serif font, the text reads "Tous les JEUDIS GRANDE FÊTE Samedis & Dimanches BAL," which translates to "Every THURSDAY BIG PARTY Saturdays & Sundays DANCE."

Bal Bullier

Bal Bullier was a renowned ballroom in Paris, established in the mid-19th century by François Bullier. It was a popular venue where students and others gathered to dance, enjoy billiards, archery, and shooting. Known for its inclusive and festive atmosphere, it introduced an oriental flair in 1850 and a Gallic rooster symbol in 1895. Despite its popularity and cultural significance, the ballroom closed its doors in 1940​.

Condition Description
Lithograph on wove paper. Damaged areas excised with the whole laid down on another sheet and mounted to modern archival poster linen. Presents as VG or better, but with substantial restoration.