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Stock# 102171

The Map Speaks!

Interestin compendium of 30 vibrantly colored educational maps, published in 1935 Wroclaw.

At the time of publication, Wroclaw was a significant urban center within Germany, second only to Berlin in the east. The book reflects the political, economic, and ethnographic sentiments prevailing in interwar Germany, particularly the notions of a so-called Greater Germany in the aftermath of the Treaty of Versailles.

The maps serve as a pedagogic tool, offering insight into the diverse facets of the Fatherland's topography, industry, and cultural geography, as perceived through the lens of the time. The booklet, intended for educational use among schoolchildren, reveals an underlying nationalistic agenda, subtly woven into the curriculum of the era.

In examining the contents, one finds a systematic outline of topics ranging from the geopolitical situation of Germany to its climatic zones, economic regions, and even the spread of electrical power across the country. Notably, the contents address the economic life of major cities like Berlin and dissect the structure of rural and urban settlements, reflecting the socio-economic stratifications and regional characteristics of 1930s Germany. 

Condition Description
Oblong 8°, [16] with 30 numbered maps printed in off-set lithograph and illustrated covers, printed on thick paper, green linen spine. Minor wear.