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Early B.F. Goodrich / Good Roads Map of the American West

Rare early 1918 promotional road map created by The B.F. Goodrich Company, highlighting the roadways of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

At a time when automotive travel was burgeoning and traveling between Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico would have been an adventure for even the bravest drivers, such maps were not only essential tools for navigation but also strategic advertisements for Goodrich's auto-related products and services. 

The map outlines major and minor roadways, towns, and geographical features, offering a practical guide for early automobile enthusiasts and travelers in the American Southwest. Printed in a distinctive blue ink, the map’s visual clarity and simplicity cater to the needs of drivers in an era when road signage was sparse and traveling by car was still an adventure.

Accompanying the map, Goodrich provided a list of essential items for motorists to "Take With You," including extra tire casings, inner tubes, and self-vulcanizing patches, reflecting the rugged and often unpredictable nature of early 20th-century road travel. This advice underscores the practical challenges faced by motorists at the time, including unpaved roads and the scarcity of service stations.

The reverse side of the map contains promotional content lauding the virtues of Goodrich's "Road-Tested Tires." It asserts their durability and reliability based on rigorous testing on the rough and varied terrains of the West. The promotional text aims to position Goodrich tires as the optimal choice for motorists seeking safety and performance in their travels.

The document also features Goodrich's commitment to customer service, mentioning their extensive network of service stations and the comprehensive range of rubber products available. It embodies an early example of integrated marketing, combining useful content (the map) with product promotion (tires and auto accessories) and brand reinforcement (service reliability).

Furthermore, the inclusion of the Goodrich National Touring Bureau’s “See America First” campaign reflects a broader cultural movement encouraging Americans to explore their country's scenic landscapes, particularly the National Parks, which were gaining popularity at this time.