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This early 18th-century copper plate engraving presents a visual interpretation of the Biblical creation narrative as described by Moses. The original antique print is divided into two sections, each illustrating different aspects of the Genesis creation story.

The top engraving depicts the creation of the elements, with the Spirit of God spreading over the waters. This scene is captured with a sense of divine energy and movement, emphasized by rays of light emanating from a central point, symbolizing the divine spirit. The waters below are rendered with careful detail, suggesting the formless earth before the separation of land and sea.

The lower engraving represents the separation of night and day, a key moment in the Biblical account of creation. The composition is simpler, focusing on the contrast between the light and dark areas, symbolizing the emergence of day from night. A central celestial body, possibly the moon, sits at the horizon line, demarcating the division between the two.