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Nice example of Lotter's map of the British Colonies, which identifies each of the 13 Colonies by name in the title and in the map, at the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Nice treatment of the colonies, although Maryland is given a very curious shape for the time period. Includes nice detail in the Great Lakes region and a few places named in the Ohio Valley, including Logs Town, Twictwees, Ft. Du Quesne, Allegheny, Vinango, Buffaloons, Sandoski and Mingos. Ft. Necessite is also shown. The map is very Franco-centric, limiting the claims of the British to the regions east of the Appalachian Mountains.

The map was clearly intended for the French market, if for no other reason than it is odd to see a map by Lotter, one of the German Empire's leading map publishers, with an entirely French title and French nomenclature.