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This is a fine example of a large format map of Florida, showing the extent of the surveys in the state as of 1849. Florida had only gained statehood four years prior to the making of this map, but was already well-surveyed, with much detail already evident on the map.

This map was produced for surveying purposes and shows their current extent. Several tracts of private land and the Everglades are virtually all that remain to be surveyed. Text in the lower-left describes township surveys.

Many lakes, forts, rivers, swamps, lighthouses, landings, and more all appear on the map. The map contains numerous indirect references to the Seminole Wars, which were then in their Second Interbellum phase. Numerous forts can be found throughout central Florida, most constructed during the First Seminole War, even extending down into the Everglades. At the edge of Big Cyprus swamp lies "Bowlegs Landing," a reference to the famous Seminole chief who would lead the final strands of resistance against the encroaching troops. Other landings refer to "The Prophet" (Josiah Francis) and Waxie Hadjo, figures in the First and Second Seminole Wars, respectively.

The map shows the Arredondo Grant and Forbes Purchase. Both grants dated from the Spanish era of colonization and presented difficult legal and political challenges to American control. These have been called one of the biggest headaches faced by Congress and were a matter of prime importance in John Quincy's Adams negotiations for Florida. These would continue to play a role in Floridian land disputes into the late 19th century.