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This 1995 pictorial bird's-eye view by Laurie Meier for Premium Promotions elegantly captures the essence of San Diego, offering a detailed and colorful panorama that interweaves the city's maritime vibrancy with its iconic landmarks. Meier's work serves as an homage to the city, stretching from the US-Mexico Border to Camp Pendleton and Mount Palomar in the distance.

Commissioned by Premium Promotions, this pictorial map represents San Diego in the mid-1990s, a time of significant growth and transformation. The illustration showcases key attractions and embodies the spirit of the era, a period where urban development and natural beauty coexist in harmony.

The view clearly emphasizes frame and gift shops of the metropolitan area - no doubt the primary vectors for the distribution of the object itself.

Laurie Meier's approach to the map's creation reveals a dedication to encapsulating the geography and spirit of San Diego, with an emphasis on its coastal character and its role as a strategic Pacific port. This was a time when the city's relationship with the ocean was both a driver of its economy and a cornerstone of its identity. The artwork is rich with maritime and recreational motifs, highlighting San Diego's connection to naval history and its thriving sea-based activities.


Although the limitation number suggests hundreds were printed, this pictorial is quite rare today. In thirty years of doing business in San Diego, this is the first time we have had it.

Condition Description
"America's Finest City" is in relief and somewhat difficult to see in the scan. Artist signature and limitation in pencil in the bottom margin. Numbered 745/900.