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Map of the Straits of Madura, scaled down from the 1804 drawing by Loriaux, engineer of the Dutch East Indies Company with further additions by Tombe.

The map also shows details of the coastal lands near Surabaya in Java on a highly detailed basis.

The map appears as plate 4 in Voyage aux Indes Orientales, pendant les annees 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805 et 1806 /­ par C.F. Tombe. A Paris : Chez Arthus Bertrand, 1811.

Ambroise Tardieu Biography

Ambroise Tardieu was an important French cartographer and engraver. 

He produced a number of excellent large format maps, including a revised edition of Aaron Arrowsmith's 4-sheet map of the United States. T

Tardieu came from a family boasting a number of fine engravers, and was trained from an early age by his uncle, Pierre Alexandre Tardieu (1756–1844), a leading French engraver. Showing considerable talent in this field, Ambroise persevered and became a celebrated engraver of portraits. In addition he was appointed as geographical engraver for the French government, for which he received a small stipend. In order to eke out this meagre wage, he began to trade in prints, books and maps. He is remembered for more than 800 portraits engraved through his career, many depicting scientists of the period.

Tardieu published a number of atlases, one of which appeared in 1842 and was titled Atlas universel de geographie, ancienne et moderne/dresse par Ambroise Tardieu pour l'intelligence de la Geographie universelle par Malte-Brun.