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Scarce map from the Dodge Expedition, illustrating the forced resettlement location of the Indian Tribes from the east of the Mississippi River.

The map shows more than 20 various sized allotments made to the tribes in what was thought to be worthless land in the future states of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma. Statistical tables to one side list population and land holding of groups both east and west of the Mississippi. While it shows the Santa Fe Road, the route of Col. Dodge is not depicted. The map is based on the 1835 map prepared by Lt. Washington Hood. Wheat calls it "an important historical map." This example is the scarce original edition.

Henry Dodge led 120 mounted soldiers of the First Dragoon Regiment onto the plains to awe the natives into submission. The column ascended the Platte to the front range, dropped south to the Arkansas, and returned via the Santa Fe Trail. The expedition was the most extensive military campaign ever undertaken in the West. The mission was to impress the Indians, make peace among the tribes and establish friendly relations with the United States, and to investigate conditions along the Mexican border.

Dodge' route followed in part Stephen H. Long's route of 1820, but Dodge's party was more successful and demonstrated the effectivenss of mounted forces on the western prairies. The expedition resulted in an important report, which was accompanied by two maps. The maps illustrate the policy implemented during the 1820's and '30's to relocate eastern Indians into the Trans-Mississippi West. The first is the Map Showing the Lands assigned to Emigrant Indians West of Arkansas & Missouri. The second map is unnamed and shows the route taken by Dodge's expedition northwest from Fort Leavenworth through the territory of the Kickapoos and Otoes, past the "Medicine Lodge of the Rees" and the "Snakes and Crows War Ground." There is an early cartographic mention of Pike's Peak, in the southwest is Santa Fe and the "Waggon Road to St. Louis." On this map is the legend, "Estimated distance 1645 miles, by Lieut. (Enoch) Steen, United States Dragoons." Wheat calls it a "very well executed map."

Condition Description
Minor foxing
Wheat, C.I. (TM) 418; Howes, W. K-161; Storm, C. 2335; Karrow, R.W. (Mid West) 1-1-83.