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Agustín Díaz was a Mexican surveyor, cartographer, and administrator. Trained as a military engineer, Díaz was a skilled surveyor. From 1850-7, he was an integral part of the Mexican surveying team involved in the Comisión Mexicana de Límites con los Estados Unidos following the Mexican-American War. Under the Emperor Maximilian (1864-7), he led a scientific expedition to the Yucatan. He also taught geography at the Colegio Militar, a school he had also attended as a young man. In 1877, Díaz was named head of a cartographic commission that reviewed the state of Mexico’s maps and plans. He found it woefully inadequate and recommended a complete overhaul. His proposal was taken up and he was named head of the newly-created Comisión Geográfico-Exploradora. The CGE was supposed to create a master map of the Republic at a scale of 1:100,000. He served at the CGE until his death in 1893.