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Johann Conrad Hinrichs (1763-1813) was a German publisher renowned for his comprehensive book catalogs. Hinrichs ran a bookshop in Leipzig beginning in 1791 with his partner August Leberecht Reinicke. He later married Reinicke’s sister, Christiane Wilhelmine. From 1801, Hinrichs began to operate the business as sole proprietor. He specialized in the release of a catalog of new publications, which appeared every six months from 1798. This catalog was more complete and was issued more frequently than competitors, giving Hinrichs an important edge in the market. It featured twenty subjects beginning with theology; maps were listed at the end. He also published works on law, political science, history, travel literature, and geography. Upon his death in 1813, his business passed to his wife. In 1816 she was joined by her nephew, Christian Friedrich Adolf Rost. The business continued until the early twentieth century.


Leipzig / 1811
15.5 x 15.5 inches