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Selling Maps & Atlases to Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps

We are always pleased to receive offers of maps, atlases and related books for sale. Whether a single item of a large collection, we would be pleased to hear from you if you have something you may wish to sell.

If you are not a map collector or not exactly sure how to describe the map to us, please dont be shy. We receive hundreds of offers a year and can generally identify a map if we are given the map title, mapmaker and size of the printed image.

Below you will find a brief form to help provide the necessary information to begin the process. It is also very helpful if you can provide a digital picture of the item offered. A single large picture of the front side of the map will suffice. If we have further interest, we will let you know what other information is needed.

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Tips For Describing Antique Maps


If you don't know the mapmaker's name, feel free to guess, but be sure to tell us you are guessing.


When providing the map title, please be sure to use the exact spelling of the title. If the title is long, please provide at least the first 10 words. Lots of maps begin with common phrases, such as Novissima et Accuratissima or A New and Accurate Map of These words are often important clues which help us distinguish between different maps of the same region by the same maker. If you need extra space, add it in the Details section.


The size of a map is determined by the size of the printed image. Do not measure the size of the paper.


If a map has printed text on the back side of the map, please provide this information and the language of the text, if possible (e.g. Latin text on verso or no text on verso).


If there are tears or stains on the map, please provide a brief description. If some of the printed image is missing, please describe.


Not all maps that appear to be antique maps are authentic. Many decorative and important maps have been reproduced. Please read our FAQ section for further information on this topic.