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This octagonal, hand-colored engraving depicts the southern polar projection of Earth, highlighting the visibility zones of the 2004 Venus transit, an event previously unobservable since 1882. The map uniquely combines historical anticipation with contemporary astronomical observations.

The 2004 Transit of Venus was a rare astronomical event, eagerly anticipated by the scientific community and enthusiasts alike. This map's creation, likely inspired by the 1882 Venus transit – the last observable instance of the 19th century – bridges a significant gap in celestial observations. It provides a visual narrative of this extraordinary phenomenon, showcasing the regions from which the transit was visible. The depiction of overlapping zones, particularly the "Zona Notturna dell'anno 2004," offers insight into the global nature of such events.

The choice of a southern polar projection is significant, as it allows for a comprehensive view of the transit's visibility across various continents. 

While anonymous, the chart is so similar to this one by Ignazio Villa that we cannot help but think this one is by the same maker.


All of Ignazio Villa's output is very rare today. We have been unable to trace another example of this image in collection databases or in general online searches.

Condition Description
Engraving with original hand-color. The sheet cropped into an octagon, possibly from a larger image or perhaps issued that way.