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Heralding a New Era in Global Conflict.

One of the First Western Depictions of the First MIG Jet. 

MIG Jet, was the first aircraft identification poster prepared by the Ministry of Supply and promulgated by the Admiralty, War Office, and Air Ministry in May 1948 as part of what would become a prolific series of ID posters. 

This poster presents an detailed documentation of the MiG-9 jet aircraft. The poster, printed by Fosh & Cross Ltd. (the primary printer of posters and propaganda for the British Government) in London, illustrates the identifying features of the Soviet's first jet fighter.

The MiG Jet

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9, known by its NATO reporting name "Fargo," was the Soviet Union's first turbojet fighter developed shortly after World War II. It was equipped with reverse-engineered German BMW 003 engines. As a first-generation jet fighter, the MiG-9 encountered issues, particularly engine flameouts at high altitudes when its guns were fired, due to the ingestion of gun gases. Multiple armament configurations were tested to address this, but the problem persisted. Various engines were considered for replacement, but these plans were set aside as the MiG-15 prototype showed better potential.

The MiG-9 went into production with a total of 610 units built, including prototypes. It was introduced to the Soviet Air Forces in 1948. In 1950, 372 units were transferred to the People's Liberation Army Air Force to defend Chinese cities from Nationalist Chinese air raids and to help train Chinese pilots in jet operations. However, the MiG-15 soon replaced the MiG-9 in operational roles. Currently, only three MiG-9 aircraft are known to exist.

Condition Description
Very minor wear and toning along original folds.