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This aircraft identification poster, printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Wm. Brown & Co., Ltd., London in April 1951, provides a comprehensive overview of the technical and performance specifications of the LA-11 aircraft. Marked 'RESTRICTED', the sheet details the aircraft's power plant, armament, dimensions, and estimated performance, offering insight into its design and capabilities during the early stages of the Cold War.

The post-World War II period saw consistent advancements in aviation technology, largely driven by the changing global landscape and the onset of the Cold War. In this milieu, the LA-11 stands as an evolution from its predecessor, the LA-9. Introduced in 1948, the LA-11 retained many features of the LA-9, but with several modifications, as highlighted by the inclusion of a radiator in the lower half of the engine cowling and a distinct armament configuration.

The specification information indicates that the LA-11 utilized the ASH 82 FNV air-cooled radial power plant with a capacity of approximately 1,800 b.h.p. Its armament comprised three 23 mm synchronized cannons that operated through the propeller disc. Additional data, including its top speed of 350 knots and a radius of action of 500 nautical miles, offer a clear picture of the aircraft's operational capabilities.

This poster serves as a detailed record of aviation design during the mid-20th century and of the British approach to military readiness in the early Cold War period. By presenting a clear and concise account of the aircraft's features and capabilities, it contributes to our understanding of aircraft evolution during a pivotal era in aviation history.

Condition Description
Vertical and horizontal folds, as issued.