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Provocative map of Italy in Anno XII, the 12th year of Benito Mussolini's rule over the nation.

The map provides a nice overview of Italy's politics, economic strength and other interesting regional facts, informing an American public interested in European affairs.

The "From The War" text box provides a nice description of Italy's expansionist sentiments as of 1934, noting that after World War I:

Italy got 8,900 square miles of new land in Europe, and has blamed France ever since for being cheated "of her "legitimate claims. Yugoslavia's alliance with France in the Little Entente adds to the friction.  Italians feel that Corsica, Savoy, Nice, Tunis,and Malta should be "restored."  Switzerland is annoyed, also, that Ticino, Italian speaking canton, is part of "unredeemed Italy!" Italy has supported the Dolfuss régime in Austria, not only morally, but with government funds.