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IL-2 (Modified) Night Silhouettes, a 1949 Admiralty, War Office, Air Ministry diagram poster offers an interesting representation of the IL-2 fighter aircraft, designed by Ilyushin and powered by what is believed to be one AM-38 engine. Comprising six illustrations, the poster provides night silhouettes of the aircraft from various angles, accompanied by essential specifications such as its span and length, further emphasizing its duty as a fighter.

The IL-2 occupies a particular place in the history of aviation during the post-World War II era, reflecting advancements in aircraft design and engineering. The poster's issuance by the Ministry of Supply in August 1949 situates it within a period marked by the British government's focus on enhancing military preparedness during the early stages of the Cold War. The focus on night silhouettes in this air diagram underscores the growing importance of night-time operations in military aviation strategy.

The technical specifications and illustrations contained within the poster offer valuable insights into the design and engineering principles of the time. The engines are emblematic of the technological progress made in propulsion systems. The aircraft's span, length, and overall design reflect a blend of aerodynamics and functionality geared toward its role as a fighter aircraft.

In addition to its technical and historical significance, L-2 (Modified) Night Silhouettes stands as a visually compelling document. The choice of night silhouettes lends an artistic quality to the illustrations, capturing the aircraft's form in a manner that conveys both its physical structure and its operational essence. The integration of visual aesthetics with technical detail in the poster creates a multifaceted artifact that speaks not only to the engineering ingenuity of the period but also to a broader understanding of the role of design in military technology.