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YAK-15 Silhouette (Provisional), prepared by the Ministry of Supply in August 1948, provides a detailed outline rendering of the YAK-15 fighter aircraft. Highlighting its design by Yakovlev from the U.S.S.R., this identification poster distinctly presents the aircraft from front, bottom, and port side perspectives. Furthermore, the inclusion of specific measurements such as its span and length, as well as its aero-engine type, indicates the poster's function as an essential reference tool for those in aviation and defense.

The 1940s witnessed the rapid evolution of military aviation, spurred by the exigencies of World War II and the ensuing Cold War tensions. Aircraft design and capabilities expanded in response to the mounting need for air superiority, and as the Cold War began to shape international relations, understanding the capabilities and designs of potential adversaries became paramount. The YAK-15, emanating from the U.S.S.R., was among the notable aircraft of this era, marking the Soviet foray into jet-powered fighters.

The poster's production by the Ministry of Supply, intended for promulgation by major British defense bodies such as the Admiralty, War Office, and Air Ministry, underscores the document's official nature and significance. Its "Restricted" designation suggests the confidential nature of the information at the time of release, emphasizing the tense geopolitical landscape and the need for classified knowledge of foreign technological advancements.

The craft behind the poster's design is evident in its meticulous detailing and the specificity of the aircraft's attributes. The choice of presenting the aircraft from multiple angles aids in a comprehensive visual understanding of its design, crucial for identification and comparison. The print details, including the reference to "Fosh & Cross Ltd. London", hint at the collaboration and intricate processes involved in producing such vital defense materials during a defining period in global military aviation history.