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Park Addition, dated 1914, is a blueline cyanotype on treated drafting linen, chronicling a proposed neighborhood that never fully materialized. Charting an area extending from Nutmeg Street to the north, Balboa Park to the west, Kalmia Street to the south, and 30th Street to the east, the blueprint ambitiously demarcates uniform blocks. However, much of this depicted space is now consumed by Switzer Canyon, an adjunct of Balboa Park, testifying to the region's topographical challenges which later mandated significant adjustments to the planned subdivision.

The early 20th century marked an era of rapid urbanization and growth in American cities, and San Diego was no exception. As regions of the city expanded, developers sought to map and develop lands to accommodate the burgeoning population. This specific area, delineated as a part of Pueblo Lot 1138 of the Pueblo Lands of San Diego, carries with it historical significance. Derived from the mapping done by James Pascoe in 1870, it offers insights into the territorial demarcations of the time.

While the depicted subdivisions suggest a systematic and uniform urban development, the eventual dominance of Switzer Canyon in the area speaks to the dynamic interplay between urban planning aspirations and the topographical constraints of San Diego's landscape. The canyon's presence eventually necessitated a re-envisioning of the planned neighborhood, reminding viewers of the inherent challenges faced in harmonizing urban design with natural terrains.

The map, supposedly produced from an actual survey conducted in 1914 by the City Engineer of San Diego, stands as a testament to the cartographic practices of the time, along with the ambitions and vision of urban developers. Reflecting both the aspirations and the realities of city planning, it offers a window into the evolving urban narrative of early 20th-century San Diego.

Condition Description
Blueline cyanotype on treated drafting linen. Hand-written inventory number in the lower right corner.