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This Ireland map, published by Adam & Charles Black in Edinburgh in 1852 and skillfully engraved by S. Hall of Bury Street, Bloomsbury, offers an intricate and detailed depiction of Ireland, colored by counties and naming hundreds of towns. Beyond merely identifying locations, the map portrays railroads, roads, mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, and other significant details, rendering it a masterful large-format representation of the country in the mid-19th century.

During the time this map was created, Ireland was undergoing considerable change and development. The mid-19th century marked a period of railway expansion and the growth of industrial centers in Ireland, both of which are carefully detailed in the map. The depiction of these elements provides insight into the infrastructural development that characterized this era, reflecting a drive to modernize and connect different regions of the country.

The coloring by county further underscores the map's attention to administrative divisions and local identities, making it an important document for understanding the political organization of Ireland at the time. Each county's distinct coloration adds visual clarity to the complexity of the landscape, allowing for a comprehensive overview of the territorial divisions that played a role in shaping local governance and community life.

Additionally, the natural features such as mountains, rivers, and lakes are meticulously portrayed, offering valuable information about the geographical characteristics that have historically defined Ireland's landscape. These details not only enhance the map's aesthetic appeal but also provide context to the country's diverse ecology and the ways in which natural barriers and pathways influenced settlement patterns and socio-economic activities.

Adam & Charles Black were esteemed publishers in 19th-century Britain, renowned for their atlases and travel books. Their commitment to quality is evident in this map of Ireland, which stands as both an aesthetic accomplishment and a historical document. It captures a time when Ireland was navigating the tensions of tradition and modernity, where the imprint of history was interwoven with the aspirations for progress and connectivity.

In summary, the Ireland map represents a convergence of artistry, geography, and history, reflecting the nuanced complexities of a nation in transition. Its extensive detail, precise engraving, and thoughtful coloration make it an excellent example of 19th-century cartographic expertise, preserving a moment in Ireland's past while offering insights into its cultural and geographical identity.

Condition Description
Original hand-color.