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Maj. Gen. Wm. T. Sherman, a lithograph by Max Rosenthal and engraved by L.N. Rosenthal in 1864, presents a detailed portrait of American Civil War Union Major General William Tecumseh Sherman. In the image, Sherman is surrounded by an American flag, victory laurels, and military accoutrement, with the skyline of either Atlanta or Savannah and Fort Pulaski, Georgia in the background.

1864 was significant during the American Civil War, marked notably by Sherman's Atlanta Campaign. The capture of Atlanta by Sherman's forces proved pivotal in bringing the war to a close. This lithograph, with its array of military symbols surrounding Sherman's likeness, offers a visual commentary on Sherman's military role and the events of that year.

If it is indeed Savannah in the background, this is probably a reference to Sherman's famous Christmas Proclamation. Sherman's Christmas Proclamation, made on December 22, 1864, was a message sent by General Sherman to President Abraham Lincoln, offering the city of Savannah as a "Christmas gift" to the President after its capture by Union forces. The proclamation is remembered as a symbol of the turning tide of the Civil War in favor of the Union.

Condition Description
Very minor toning and foxing.