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The Newsmap from Monday, September 21, 1942, is a richly detailed document offering a synthesis of world events during a pivotal week in World War II. Published as Volume 1, No. 22, and disseminated by the Army Orientation Course, it leverages public sources to present a comprehensive perspective of the global conflict to the American populace.

In the broader historical context, this Newsmap was created during a critical juncture of the Second World War, with the United States fully engaged in the conflict on multiple fronts. This period was marked by significant developments on the Russian front, particularly in the Southern Sectors, which are specifically highlighted in this edition of the Newsmap.

A unique combination of cartography, journalism, and graphic design, this large-format map is bordered by news articles, photographs, and pertinent information detailing the war's progress, including supplementary theater maps. This synthesis of different types of information creates an immersive and instructive representation of wartime events, serving not just as a geographical reference, but also as a historical narrative of the war period.

On the verso, the map features a photographically-illustrated poster titled "Somewhere in Alaska," which portrays the American efforts to fortify and protect the region from potential Japanese attack. This dual-sided nature of the Newsmap enhances its historical and cultural significance, offering a multifaceted glimpse into American wartime strategies and public information dissemination during the pivotal year of 1942.

Condition Description
Folding map.