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Nice example of the second French edition of Kino's seminal map of California, which definitively ended the myth of California as an Island.

Kino was a Jesuit Missionary, who surmised that California was not an island long before his trip to Mexico. When he arrived, he initially transmitted information back to Europe, which found its way into Scherer's maps and De Fer's Cette Carte . . ., one of the last interesting large format maps showing California as an island. After obtaining permission to travel up the Gulf of California and explore the region, Kino was able to establish his theory that California was not an island.

The first French edition of the map was printed in one of the volumes of the Jesuit reports Lettres Edifantes, and includes the name Inseln, as the engraver, in the lower left corner. Kino's map was reissued in a number of languages thereafter, and is a cartographic milestone in the mapping of California, although a number of Europe's major Atlas publishers, ignored the results of Kino's explorations for several decades and continued to show California as an island.

The second edition of the map was issued at about the same time as the Jesuits were being expelled from Mexico in 1767.

An essential map for California Collectors.

Condition Description
Minor offsetting.
Leighly 40-42; Wheat 89; Schwartz & Ehrenberg plate 75; Cumming plate 379; Lowery 250.