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Provisional Plat Haynes Manor A Residential Subdivision, conceptualized by Eugene V. Haynes and engineered by O.I. Freeman in June 1925, offers a significant depiction of a preliminary design for Haynes Manor, situated in the 17th District of Fulton County, Georgia. Representing land lots 144 & 145, the plat captures the evolving dynamics of the Buckhead neighborhood, notably proximate to both the Bobby Jones Golf Course and Peachtree Creek. While certain streets such as Montview, Peachtree Battle, Alton, and Manor Ridge endured in close to their planned form, the southern sections of the subdivision underwent considerable alterations before its eventual establishment.

In the 1920s, Atlanta was experiencing significant urban growth, with various developers and visionaries shaping its suburban landscapes. Haynes Manor's proximity to prominent landmarks like the Bobby Jones Golf Course underscores the area's prestige and allure to potential residents. Buckhead, often termed the "Beverly Hills of the East," was rapidly becoming one of Atlanta's most affluent neighborhoods. This expansion was fueled by a combination of urban migration, economic prosperity, and the construction of major thoroughfares that connected various parts of the city.

The provisional plat showcases the work of O.I. Freeman, a civil engineer of note, capturing not only the geographical nuances but also the urban aspirations of Eugene V. Haynes. Through this detailed blueprint, one observes a delicate balance between preserving natural elements, like Peachtree Creek, and carving out residential spaces that embody luxury and exclusivity. The streets' nomenclature, with names like Peachtree Battle, hints at the historical sensibilities and the narratives that shaped Atlanta's evolution.

Condition Description
Ink city council approval stamps over the title block.