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Land-und See-Charte von Schleswig biß nach Muskau, by Adam Olearius and published in Hamburg by Zacharias Herteln & Thomas von Wiering in 1696, is a seminal mapping that spans regions from Schleswig to Russia, covering parts of Muscovy, Pomerania, and Scandinavia. Adam Olearius, not just an adept cartographer but also the Holsteinian ambassador, undertook this ambitious project to chart a prospective overland trade route to Persia.

The late 17th century marked a period of growing curiosity and exploration across Europe, with nations eager to expand their territories and find new trade routes. Olearius, functioning as both an ambassador and a cartographer, was commissioned with a dual purpose: to secure trade and gather vital geographical data. The map stands testament to the period's drive for geographical knowledge, international relations, and commercial expansion.

While the quest for establishing a successful trade route with Persia did not come to fruition, Olearius's efforts were not in vain. The map showcases the depth and breadth of information he amassed during his journeys. The depiction of regions such as Muscovy, Pomerania, and Scandinavia was derived from first-hand observation and intricate surveying, thus providing invaluable insights into the landscapes, routes, and geo-political nuances of the time.

In addition to the geographical features, Olearius's map serves as a cultural and political commentary. It illuminates the territories, realms, and the intricate dynamics of the regions, highlighting the shifting allegiances, political stratifications, and ambitions that characterized Northern Europe during this era.

In conclusion, Land-und See-Charte von Schleswig biß nach Muskau stands as a paragon of 17th-century cartography, merging Adam Olearius's skills as a mapmaker with his diplomatic endeavors. It is not only a geographical record but also an artifact capturing the spirit and ambitions of its epoch, embodying the quest for knowledge, trade, and political maneuvering that was emblematic of its time.